Last update: 1 June 2022

1. Who can use heartstring?
Everyone is welcome on heartstring but the minimum age is 16. If you're below the age of 16 you can not use the app. In case we find out you are below the minimum age we will remove your account.

2. What sort of content can I post?
We have guidelines that should help you be aware of what you cannot post. In general, anything in malicious nature (e.g. hate speech, criminal activity, spam, NSFW, racism, bullying etc.) is strictly not allowed. Thank you for doing your part!

3. Can people see where I am located?
If you set your 'location' to 'Barcelona', anyone who also has their location also set to 'Barcelona' is be able to see your post. However, they will not see exactly where you are.

4. What should I do if I encounter malicious content?
We made this to be a fun and safe place to connect in quick conversations. In case you encounter any malicious content (see guidelines) you can simply click on the user, comment, or post to report it.

5. What happens when I report a user, comment, or post?
When x number of people report content within a certain time - that content will be removed. Our team will also look at these reports. Reports will be subjected to our guidelines and could result in the permanent deletion and ban of the user who created the malicious content.

6. What happens when someone gets banned?
When a user gets banned they will not be able to use heartstring again or sign up.

7. What happens when I delete my account?
First of all, we are sorry to hear you did not enjoy heartstring! We are always happy to hear from you to learn what we can improve. That being said, when you delete your account, your posts and your profile (photo, email etc.) will be removed.

8. What can I do to help heartstring?
Spread the word, tell friends, and share it with others!

5. What if I still have questions about the FAQs?
If you have any questions about these FAQs you can contact us at: hello@heartstring.app